Is Christianity a White Man’s Religion?

The Facts & Fallacies of a Eurocentric Jesus

This booklet is an apologetic to the black community, emphasizing the contributions of Africa and Africans to the Bible and Christian theology, by demonstrating that Christianity is not only compatible with people of color, but they have always been linked. The booklet also answers the common objections that have been used to allegedly demonstrate that Christianity is incompatible with people of color.


About the Author

H.C. Felder is a former atheist and NASA Software Engineer. After becoming a Christian and being exposed to the truth of Christianity, he has dedicated his life to sharing that truth with others. He has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science, and both a Master and Doctorate of Ministry degree in Apologetics from Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, NC. H.C. has published in a number of academic journals on the topic of “Racism and the Bible.” He is also the author of The African American Guide to the Bible which deals with the inspiration of Scripture, the Black presence in the Bible, the Bible and racism, and the unity of man. H.C. is also the founder of Giving An Answer ministry (www.GivingAnAnswer.org). He currently resides in Charlotte NC with his wife and their four children.

Dr. H.C. Felder