The Heart of Spiritual Conversation

Communicating the Gospel in Grace & Truth

Andrew Foland

In a world that seems supercharged with confrontation, how can we have effective gospel conversations? In the H.E.A.R.T. of Spiritual Dialogue, we will diagnose the way to healthy spiritual conversations, giving practical tips and biblical guidance for how to begin and maintain healthy spiritual discussions. Knowing the truth is critical. Knowing how to share it also vital. This booklet moves you beyond Christian evidence into Christian ethos, teaching you tactics that can help open doors and, Lord willing, hearts.


About the Author

Andrew Foland graduated with his Masters’ degree in Christian Apologetics from Southern Evangelical Seminary in 2007. Upon graduation, he taught Christian Apologetics, Philosophy, and Ethics at Crossroads Bible College. Afterward, he ministered at Fellowship Bible Church as the Christian Education Pastor. Currently, he works in campus ministry as an apologist with Ratio Christi where he serves as both the Area Ministry Director for the state of Indiana and the Chapter Director on the campus of Indiana University and Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI.) Additionally, Andy is a guest speaker at churches, conferences, parachurch organizations, and on radio where he teaches apologetics, evangelism, and the Bible. Andrew can be reached at andrewfoland@ratiochristi.org.

Andrew Foland

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