Who are we?

Ratio Christi Press is the publishing arm of the ministries of Ratio Christi. We bring together the most respected scholars and apologists in Christendom to address critical issues of the day and defend the tenets of Christian orthodoxy. We present their best content, research, and arguments at a level of writing accessible to everyone.  

Our Purpose

Each year, science, academia, and general knowledge become more politicized, theoretical, and ideologic. At the same time, the entire knowledge economy grows at a metastatic rate, making expertise more specialized, the vocabulary more arcane, theories more esoteric, and facts more dubitable. No field of academic study remains accessible or intelligible to the broader public. Ironically, the boon in knowledge has made it near impossible to know what’s true—about anything.


This makes indispensable the Christian apologist, scientist, scholar, and academic who can help distinguish between theory and ideology, substance and narrative, fact and footnote in their given discipline. Ratio Christi Press is committed to bringing to bear their perspective on all issues relevant to Christ and culture.


But Not Merely a Press

Ratio Christi is a ministry that exists to strengthen students in their faith so they can withstand the challenges they face as they go out into the world. This mission informs what we publish, who we publish, and why we publish it and is the reason why every resource purchasable on this site is also accessible as a free PDF download. The authors, editors, and designers donate their work so that anyone, anywhere, can download it for free. When you pay for a printed resource, you are paying for just that—the printing and production.

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