The Bible And Same-Sex Relationships

An Exegetical Review of the Biblical Data

Cameron Hodge, PhD

How does the Bible view same-sex relationships? What limits does God place on loving same-sex relationships and what reasons does he give for doing so? And can we trust the traditional interpretation of Scripture regarding same-sex relationships? In this essay, Cameron Hodge outlines some of the key challenges and objections that people have about the Christian view of same-sex relationships. Hodge also explains the broader Christian worldview in which sexual ethics and morality are situated, and provides clear exegesis on those passages that specifically address homosexual practice. The essay is written specifically to those who have questions about why Christians do not support same-sex relationships: it is an apologetic, not polemic.


About the Author

Cameron Hodge is a Christian apologist and educator. She holds a BA in Global Affairs and International Development from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, an MDiv in Apologetics from Liberty University, a ThM in Ethics from North-West University (SA), and has completed a PhD in Theology of Ethics at North-West University. Cameron regularly speaks on university campuses, at conferences, and other public forums, go to theordinaryapologist.com.

Cameron Hodge, PhD