Are Humans More Than a Body?

Weighing the Evidence for an Eternal Soul

Travis Pelletier

Do humans have souls? At first blush, this may seem like just an abstract philosophical riddle, but the soul and the afterlife go together. If we are merely a body, then death, it would seem, is the end of us. So, this is considerably more than a mental exercise. Demonstrating that human beings have an “unseeable” component of themselves, might seem an impossible task, but as Travis Pelletier shows, there is an abundance of evidence, from Near Death experiences to the cohesiveness of consciousness. This essay makes the comprehensive argument that humans are more than a body.


About the Author

Travis Pelletier is a full-time director for Ratio Christi at the University of Maine at Orono. As the chapter director, he leads Apologetics discussions on campus, teaches at weekly campus meetings, and serves local Christian churches and ministries as a Community apologist. His mission is to advance the cause of Christ by giving Christians the tools they need to defend truth, both on the university campus and in the surrounding community. Travis is completing his Masters at Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, NC.

Travis Pelletier

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