Is Christianity Good or Bad for the World?

Assessing the Goodness of the Christian Faith

Corey Miller, PhD

Christianity is often viewed as hateful, harmful, and hideously headless. Is Christianity good or bad for the world? After 2,000 years, we have ample evidence to render a verdict. Jesus, the revolutionary, launched the largest movement in human history and changed the world. The existential question asks whether God exists, but the axiological question about God addresses the question of what value-impact, if any, God’s existence does (or would) have on our world? In this work we identify and assess evidence of widely embraced goods and values” from rationality and the rise of universities and science to morality and the rise of compassion and charity” that are deemed good for the world, and then argue that Christianity enjoys explanatory scope and power for their existence and proliferation. In addition, a novel apologetic argument from the existence of the pervasiveness of the Golden Rule in comparative religious and scientific worldview analysis reveals that Jesus’ treatment is inclusive in its application, but exclusive in its explanation.


About the Author

Corey Miller (PhD, University of Aberdeen, Scotland) is President of Ratio Christi. He has four graduate degrees and taught at Purdue and Indiana Universities for more than a dozen years. He is co-author/editor of both Is Faith in God Reasonable? (2014) and Leaving Mormonism (2017), and is author of In Search of the Good Life: Through the Eyes of Aristotle, Maimonides, and Aquinas (2019).

Corey Miller, PhD

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