The Myth of Science vs Religion

Michael N. Keas, PhD

Has Christianity been at war with science? Many think so. Science historian-philosopher Michael Keas exposes the false religion-bashing narratives of leading science popularizers such as Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye “The Science Guy.” The impression that Christianity is typically at war with science has been perpetuated by many specific myths, including this one: “That Church-induced ignorance caused medieval European intellectuals to believe in a flat earth.” Keas also explores how these historical myths support scientism today. Scientism is the view that only the sciences generate knowledge or rational belief. Reliable belief about God is impossible, scientism typically assumes. Keas argues that Christianity has opposed scientism, not science. This is good news for Christians because (generally) science is reasonable, while scientism is not (as he shows).


About the Author

After earning a Ph.D. in the history of science from the University of Oklahoma, Michael Keas won re¬search grants from such organizations as the Na¬tional Science Foundation and the American Council of Learned Societies. He experienced some of the last historic moments behind the Berlin Wall as a Fulbright scholar in East Germany. Keas serves as lecturer at Biola University (M.A. Science & Religion program) and on the board of directors of Ratio Christi. He is also a Senior Fellow of Discovery Institute where he has videos and essays. He has numerous publications including the book Unbelievable: 7 Myths about the History and Future of Science and Religion. He is the lead author of Ratio Christi’s Apologetics Training for Faith and Science.

Michael N. Keas, PhD

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