Ancient Sources

The Search for Biblical Confirmation Among Ancient Inscriptions

Lawrence Mykytiuk, PhD

A major way of establishing the reliability of a witness or source is to corroborate it by the testimony of other sources. This is easier said than done, when corroborating people, places, and events from 3,000 years ago. But through three decades of painstaking research Dr. Lawrence Mykytiuk has been able to do just that. Through inscriptions from outside of the Bible, but written during Bible times, Mykytiuk has been able to confirm at least 55 people in the Old Testament (the Hebrew Bible) and at least 30 in the New Testament. Most of these inscriptions were written during the lifetimes of the people in the Bible to whom they refer and relate them to historical events. This historical evidence, though relatively small compared to other evidences for the historical reliability of the Bible, is disproportionately significant, because these confirmations, established by applying rigorous criteria, are clear and direct.


About the Author

Lawrence Mykytiuk, PhD, Hebrew and Semitic Studies, is currently Emeritus Professor of Library Science, Purdue University, where earlier he was Associate Professor of History (courtesy appointment) and received faculty awards for research and for teaching. In 2019, Lawrence was Scholar in Residence at Temple Sholom, Chicago, and he is the author of Identifying Biblical Persons in Northwest Semitic Inscriptions of 1200-539 B.C.E. (Society of Biblical Literature, 2004). For three decades, his research has focused primarily on the historicity of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament.

Lawrence Mykytiuk, PhD