Where Did the Gospels Come From?

On the Origin, Transmission, & Compilation of the Four Gospels

Dan Brown, author of the popular series of books beginning with, The Da Vinci Code, brought the idea of political machinations behind the canon of Scripture to the mainstream. Is there any validity to his argument? Was the Bible merely invented by some shadowy figures, or has it stood the test of time, passing from original writing to modern times without change? In this essay, Jonathan Meyer examines the historical data that stands behind the apostolic origin, transmission, compilation, and textual accuracy of the four Gospels, finding considerably more fact than is popularly known.


About the Author

Jonathan Meyer grew up in West Michigan where he attended Grand Valley State University and received his B.A. in Philosophy, and Western Michigan University, where he received his M.A. in Philosophy. Jon served as research fellow alongside Tim McGrew on a Templeton Digital Humanities project focused on Special, Divine Action, and is adjunct professor of Philosophy at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, KY.  Jon resides with his wife Ashley in Lexington, KY.

Jonathan Meyer