Does God Hide From Us?

The Mystery & Meaning Behind God's Self-Disclosure

Paul Moser, PhD

Many have questioned why God does not provide clearer evidence for his existence. But what sort of evidence should we be looking for? According to Paul Moser, indicators of God’s existence align with God’s distinctive character and purposes, not ours. And, quite to the contrary, Moser argues that every sincere seeker of God has adequate available evidence for God’s existence in a manner consistent with God’s perfectly good character, redemptive purposes, and good timing. If you have ever struggled with God’s “apparent” absence or silence, or why he reveals himself to some but not others, you will find considered wisdom in Moser’s essay.


About the Author

Paul K. Moser is Professor of Philosophy at Loyola University Chicago, where he joined the faculty in 1983. He is a series editor for the two Cambridge University Press Book Series: Cambridge Studies in Religion, Philosophy, and Society and CUP Elements: Religion and Monotheism. His most recent books include: Paul’s Gospel of Divine Self-Sacrifice; The Divine Goodness of Jesus; Understanding Religious Experience; and The God Relationship: Ethics for Inquiry about the Divine (all Cambridge University Press). His homepage is at: https://pmoser.sites.luc.edu/.

Paul Moser, PhD