How Good Is God in the Bible?

The Problem of Evil in the Pages of Scripture

Corey Miller, PhD

While many have taken to answer the Problem of Evil, and why God may allow evil and suffering in the world, few have openly responded to a problem equally challenging: the Problem of Evil within the pages of Scripture. The challenge of evil is not simply what God may allow in the world, but what he actually does and says in the Bible. In this essay, Corey Miller takes on some of the more challenging passages in Scripture, where God’s words and actions seem to call into question his goodness. Miller, unflinchingly addresses both the problem of genocide and slavery, as depicted in scripture.


About the Author

Corey Miller (PhD, University of Aberdeen, Scotland) is President of Ratio Christi. He has four graduate degrees and taught at Purdue and Indiana Universities for more than a dozen years. He is co-author/editor of both Is Faith in God Reasonable? (2014) and Leaving Mormonism (2017), and is author of In Search of the Good Life: Through the Eyes of Aristotle, Maimonides, and
Aquinas (2019).

Corey Miller, PhD