Building a Path to Truth

The Epistemology of Faith & Skepticism

David K. Clark, PhD

Dr. Clark’s, Building a Path is the necessary roadmap to the current, cultural epistemology. For those with a Christian worldview it is axiomatic that “truth is not relative”, but there’s a difference between modern relativism and postmodern skepticism, and knowing the distinction is critical to addressing sincere doubts about truth. Dr. Clark helpfully distinguishes truth, knowledge, justification, power, and authority, and locates the sources of skepticism, as well as the source of truth and knowledge.


About the Author

David K. Clark (PhD, Northwestern University) is Professor of Theology Emeritus at Bethel Seminary in St Paul, MN. He has served as a college professor, university provost, seminary dean, and church pastor. He has written numerous journal articles, essays, and books, including To Know and Love God, Dialogical Apologetics, Apologetics in the New Age, and Readings in Christian Ethics (vols. 1–2).

David K. Clark, PhD