The Gospel According to Mark: An Exploration of the Life of Jesus

The goal was to create the most comprehensive evangelistic resource… ever. To that end, this is first and foremost the complete Gospel of Mark, because a Gospel is where see Jesus and hear Jesus, it’s where we meet him “in the flesh.” But for non-Christians it’s only through text notes that they understand the full import of Jesus’ words, actions, and fulfillment of prophecy, so every page has notes that provide critical context. So, we have the Gospel of Mark + explanatory text notes, but there’s more.

Through side articles and side notes, apologetics are covered exhaustively—from C.S. Lewis to Pascal’s wager. Any and every conceivable question or objection is anticipated. So, the Gospel of Mark + explanatory text notes + comprehensive apologetics. And, finally, proceeding Mark’s Gospel is an extended explanation of the gospel message and an invitation to receive Christ.

Gospel of Mark + explanatory text notes + comprehensive apologetics + gospel presentation: that’s what this is. A more printer-friendly version, coming soon.


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